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Siltherm In't Group Limited

No 490,Tianhe Road ,Tianhe District, Guangzhou,China
Guangzhou, 510630

Tel: 862038888247
Fax: 862038888247

Contact: Mr Wang, Global Marketing Director
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Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter
Ownership Type: Corporation
Harmonized System Codes: 3925 8415 8419 9617

Business Message

Siltherm Int'l Group has been a leading manufacturer of innovative thermal insulation and energy efficiency solutions in the field of microporous high-performance thermal insulation materials and have developed a wide range of partly patented products and production processes.
In VIPs, the principle of the thermos flask is applied to flat panel forms. VIPs insulate 5-8 times better than conventional insulation materials, therefore, they can insulate equivalently with one tenth thickness. The efficient reduction of insulation width creates thermal insulation solutions that have not been possible before.
In close cooperation with domestic and international academics and institutes, we design and develop innovative and remarkable insulation products that are also suitable for integration in serial production processes.
Siltherm will offer our customers our individual consultation and engineering services to work out a solution for their specific thermal insulation and energy efficiency demands.

Siltherm offers avariable solutions:
Power plant pipes, ducts
Molten metal ladle backup
Glass tank forehearth
Fuel cells
Lab furnaces
Gas boilers
Night storage heaters
Vending machines
Exhaust systems


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